Saturday, 7 June 2014

Three Crosses By Sabine Lippert - Made By Me!

I do love the three crosses pendant pattern

from the book 'Beaded Fantasies'.

It looks so complex but it is so enjoyable to make. 

If you are familiar with Sabine's original pattern

you will notice that I have forgone the loop at the 

bottom of the pendant with the dangles

and kept it just to the main pendant.

I decided to pick my own colours

to use with the pattern. 

I love blue and 

 these Swarovski pearls were classed on the 

web (I buy all my beads online)  

as baby blue but in reality they are more of 

an icy steeley grey blue.  

Would it be insulting to call that a 'dirty' blue? !

Anyhow, I decided to bring out that silvery grey tone 

with the delica seed beads and I'm quite pleased with the result.

I can see myself wearing this quite a lot so I used a sterling silver 

closed jump ring  added a  925 snake chain

and quickly added it to my jewellery box! 

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