Saturday, 10 May 2014

Beadsoup Blog Party Reveal *And Give Away*

Hi there and welcome to my corner of 
The Bead Soup Blog Party 2014.

This year I was paired with talented
polymer clay artist Andria Poole.
You can see the lovely goodies 
she sent to me in the picture above. 

*A quick interlude: 
I've been toying with the idea of doing a 
give away 
for a while and have decided 
that now is the time!
Here is a pic of the lovely heart shaped 
glass bead selection box that's up for grabs.... 

The give away prize in all its purple glory!

To enter the give away just 
1) follow this blog 
2) comment 
to say you'd like to be in for the give away. 
It's open internationally, 
winner will be drawn at random and announced on 
June the 10th.
- so follow away and good luck! 

So,now, back to the blog hop - 
Ready to see what I made ?
Here we go... 

I started out by making this necklace
and matching bracelet.  

chose the gold plated clasp 
to both compliment the shape 
of the focal pendant and bring out the gold 
highlights on the polymer clay beads.

I was pleased to see that the other 
set of polymer beads Andria had sent for me
were a perfect colour compliment 
for some moss agate rounds 
I had been saving in my bead stash
 for some time. 
It was lovely to get them out 
of the bead box 
and  be able to turn them into
 something wearable.

Last but not least the lovely hand made 
chain and clasp.

At first I had thought about making a charm 
with lots of wire wrapped dangles, 
but decided that would actually
 hide the chain to a large extent 
and I wanted to show it off 
in all its handmade 
So I cut it into sections and rejoined it 
to make this 

Here is a pic of what I sent to Andria: 

you can see what she made with it 
by visiting her blog 

I've had great fun playing the Bead Soup 
Blog Party again. 
A big 'thank you' to Lori Anderson, 
the lady that makes the blog hop happen! 

Click here for full list of participants

Oh, and remember that the give away winner 
will be announced 
back here on June the10th. 
- Good luck! 


  1. What an ingenious use of the chain. I completely agree, it would be a shame to cover it up.
    You've got a really bold selection in this year's soup! The red set with the focal has a traditional Mexican feel and temperament :-)

    And yes, count me in the giveaway. Happy party day!

  2. The colors in that red set really have an industrial feel to me.........but, that's my gut instinct. I do like that necklace you made with those beads. I'm up for the giveaway for sure. I'll follow a fellow "addict". LOL

  3. Wait! Sorry, but you have to count me out of the giveaway. I don't see an invitation to follow by email. This asks for my google account info and while I know I have one, I never use it so have no idea what the name and password are and am too busy reading blogs to look it up. I'll check on "networked blogs" but have found that people on blogger usually only use the google thing. Sorry.

  4. Love the bold reds in your soup, the necklace looks wonderful.

  5. Great stuff. I LOVE chunky!! Please include me in your giveaway...I'm a follower.

  6. I love red, great pieces! Please include me in your giveaway as I am a new follower! Would love it if you followed me!

  7. Lovely what you've done with the fantastic polymer work! Another beautiful pairing! Btw, nice to meet you. I'm very happy to join you in the "We've been paired with Laney For Bead Soup Club"

  8. you are master of wire! panja is great!

  9. Lovely soup and lovely work! That panja is new to me.

  10. Very pretty - great use of the chain.

  11. I absolutely love red, a glorious piece, and the chain bracelet/ring....just amazing!!! Very cool pieces!

  12. I love the gorgeous red necklace and the matching bracelet. It reminds me to japanese lacquered work. Great!

  13. Great job with your soup! Love the red!

  14. Very very nice! The red is so Bold!

  15. What a fun mix of beads! I love what you did with the bold red beads—a fabulous way to show them off!

  16. You rose to the challenge with your special touch of elegance in your jewellery designing Lizzie. Beautiful bead soup, I have been waiting to see what you did this year as you were so clever last year when we were bead soup buddies :) Lovely collection, I am loving the last piece, the panja very unusual and you know how I like to be different :P Lx

  17. Beautiful! Your bold red necklace is my favorite. It makes justice to your soup in a personal way.

    Thank you for leaving a nice comment in my blog!

  18. I love everything you have created!!! KUDOS for you. Red is one of my favorite colors and your piece's aref beautiful.

  19. Love your designs, they really show off your beautiful soup! The moss agate bracelet is gorgeous!

  20. Love the way you used the chain - didn't know that was called panja. The soup you received would have challenged me. Seems like you just took it and ran, what a beautiful job! The soup you sent looks lovely. I'm going to hop to your partners site now. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :-)

  21. Lizzie, thank you for visiting my blog. I love your red set and your chain bracelet that I find very original. Please enter me in the giveaway. A girl can never have too many beads.

  22. Very interesting designs. Red is my favorite color, so I love that necklace.

  23. Lizzie your red necklace and bracelet are pretty. The panja that you made is great. It shows off the beautiful handmade chain at it's best. Good job working with your soup.

  24. That is a really cool necklace! And I especially love the bracelet/ring combination. You made the best of your very nice beadsoup.

  25. Lovely work and really like what you did to show off the handmade chain!

  26. Elegant jewellery, with super matching colours. I ♥love it!

  27. Your pieces are simply lovely! I'm having a hard time picking a favorite... wonderful work! :)

  28. Great collection from your soup. I love red. It always seems to be so dramatic, so it's not surprising I love your bold red necklace . I also love the blue bracelet. What a gorgeous combo with the polymer and moss agate.
    I'm happy to follow a fellow addict, so please count me in the draw. Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. Love how you used the chain and love the red.

  30. kinda in love with that bracelet! it's drool worthy! so, so, so beautiful!

    Linda A.

  31. I love what you have done with the red beads. Well done!

  32. Nicely done, love the red necklace and the chain bracelet/ring combo.

  33. Such lovely work well done!

  34. Beautiful designs. Love how you decided to show off the chain for it's own sake rather than use it to support beads.

  35. Love your red necklace. I would have never guessed those beads are polymer. I thought for sure they were glass. Neat idea too on your panja.

  36. Forgot to comment about the giveaway. Please include me. I am following now. Thanks

  37. Beautiful pieces, Lizzie :) I applaud your original use of that lovely handmade chain!

  38. Very pretty pieces - great job!

  39. I'd love to be added to your giveaway. I really like the slave bracelet.

  40. Your designs are lovely. I especially like the mossy bracelet. However, your unique design with the chain is also quite eye-catching. Well done!!

  41. Chunk-a-lish-ous! Beautiful bold designs for sure! And that delicate chain, hand- ring bracelet....Delightful! Really Soup-er!

  42. I love your designs. The combination of the polymer beads and the moss agate is great.

  43. Very pretty designs, I love the blue earthy bracelet, so so pretty. Great job!

  44. Beautiful creations! The red necklace and bracelet set is awesome - every bead is where it belongs for an eye-catching effect! I also like the simplicity of the bracelet with the green moss agate (my favorite stone), a beauty by itself! Showing off the handmade chain and clasp in the panja is such a cool idea!

  45. You created many beautiful pieces. My favorite is the bracelet with moss agate and polymer beads. Beautiful colors! I'd love to be entered in the giveaway.

  46. Love the panja piece! Love the boldness of the red necklace and bracelets too!

  47. I so get why you were thrilled with the color match with your agates, the bracelet is gorgeous! Great soup!