Sunday, 29 November 2015

Chic Christmas Colour Palettes

color season

color serve

Baby it's cold outside! 

It's only going to get colder from here on in...

So why not 
let these tasty colour palettes fresh from 
 inspire some soul warming 
 festive makery.

I'm signing off now until the New Year. 

Wishing all of you  fabulous jewellery makers 
and crafty types
a very happy Christmas and New Year!

See you in 2016....! 

setting tones

winter flora

rustic winter

Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Stone For Success, Prosperity, And Abundance - A Good One To Get Into Your Jewellery Designs!

Looking through the crystals and gemstones 
in my bead collection it got me wondering about the 
mythological history and properties of the stones. 
Crystal healers work with a lot of the items in my stash, 
(I should never get ill!), 
and there must be interesting stories about some of these beauties. 

So here is my first blog post about a specific gemstone. 

Starting off with...


It is often called the 'success stone'
as it is said  to be good for 
prosperity and abundance.

It has also been known as 'The Merchant's stone'
good for keeping in the business cash box 
and seeing the profits rolling in! 

It is also a birthstone for November
providing a less expensive
 alternative to the traditional
according to the internet -
 but the last time 
I bought some citrine
it seemed quite
 expensive to me..!

The beautiful sunny hue of Citrine 
just radiates warmth and positive energy.
It is a happy stone which can also bring good luck 
in unexpected ways to the wearer.

All interesting ideas. 
With such a write up 
who could resist getting a 
bit of Citrine
 into their
 jewellery designs!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Pretty Mermaid Picking Flowers Necklace

so this necklace was meant to be 
a learning endeavour 
- so I have no idea how
 I ended up using some
 of the most expensive 
items in my bead box for it!

Gilt lined seed beads, 
A grade 
amazonite rondelles,
hand carved
 amazonite daisies,
and a fancy 
sterling silver 
flower motif clasp!

Expensive ingredients for what was 
inteneded to be nothing more than a 
'have a go and see how it goes' 
type of project! 
As it goes, 
I am pretty pleased with the results...
which is a lucky thing!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween Treats With And Without The Calories! Ghoulishly Good Beading Discount Codes.....

Devilish Cupcakes

Halloween is nearly upon us 
so here is a round up
 of beading
to help get your spooky makes 
on the go....

Spooktacular Clearance sale 50%-70% off 
Pick a pumpkin on the website for trick or treat extra discount fun!

Use cose; HAL25 
for 25% discount 
(not sure when this offer ends) 
Delivery is only 99p per order until Xmas.

25% OFF Citrine
Use code: CITRINE25 at checkout 
*Excludes show products and wont work in conjunction
 with any other offer. 
Ends 30.11.15

25% Off all full price items. 
Use code: 25OCT
*T's&c's apply. 
See website.

Two offers: 
1) Free bead, charm and wire
 bundle when you spend £25.
2) Vouchers worth up to £20
£5 voucher - quote SpoilMe5 
when you spend £25.
£10 voucher - quote SpoilMe10 
when you spend £40  
£20 voucher - quote SpoilMe20
when you spend £70.
Offer ends 
Sunday 1st Nov 

Some Halloween savings 
for you there. 
Just in case you fancy
 some treats
 of the more calorific kind, 
I found these sweet cake ideas 
over at Betty! 

My own findings (as per usual) 
not an endorsement, sadly - 
can you imagine being sponsored by a cake company... 
mmm mmm, but good bye skinny jeans!!

Ghostly PEEPS® Brownies

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Crafting For Christmas - How Early Is Too Early?

So, Halloween is not yet  upon us 
but the marketing emails for Christmas 
goodies have already begun...

This got me to thinking about the prezzies I'm going to make.

It's so lovely to give a handmade gift
but jewellery making, particularly bead embroidered pieces, 
take time and if you 
multiply the amount of work  to make a piece of jewellery 
X the many friends and relatives you want to make it for 
and suddenly it seems like time is already running out!

So although it seems FAR too early
 for the ubiquitous Xmas marketing emails 
to be flooding my inbox  
as for my home made gifts - better get started!! 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My Beading Buddy

Kitty often likes to 'help' me bead. 

Some of her usual antics include: 
rolling out on my bead mat as I struggle to negotiate 
picking up tiny size 15's. 
Batting the end of the stringing wire I'm working 
 Catching the stitching thread and tugging it away. 
Rolling the beads off  the mat and just 
generally walking over whatever I'm doing and purring around me 
so I have to give her attention instead! 

Today after a little bit of bead batting
she decided that she wanted  to sprawl out on the window sill. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Are You Making Enough Progress?

Do you ever look around at some of the amazing work out there 
and think to yourself  'WOW. That is absolutely amazing.'
Closely followed by ' Oh dear, I can't make anything like that ..'

Do you feel you are making enough progress? 

When it comes to beading and jewellery making
 we can be so quick to judge and 'grade'ourselves
compared to other peoples work.
I guess it's human nature to want to be 'top of the class' 
or at the very least not come last!
However, hobby classes are generally setted
into groups like
'total beginner', 'beginner', improver',
'advanced' 'expert' etc
and maybe we shouldn't be so quick to compare ourselves
between 'groups'
everybody beading and making jewellery
 has come to it 
in different ways
 with different levels of physical dexterity or free time.
Or lack of free!

Everybody has to start somewhere
and even those amazing artists had to learn the basic skills
before they could go on and create their masterpieces.

'Beginners' do not become 'experts' overnight - it takes time! 

If you are keen, and interested, and keep learning
then you are making progress, 
and that is a wonderful thing! 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Tiny Fawn Necklace

I just love this sweet little baby deer. 
If you look closely you will see 
some tiny birds sitting in the trees besides her.
As well as an annoying reflection from my window it seems!

I think I am getting hooked on beading around cabochons.
It's such fun.

I have ordered  *ahem* 'a few' 
more off Etsy. 
(Well, it does seem such a waste 
of postage cost to just order one or two...)

 So I'm sure there will
be some more cab designs 
coming to this blog
 in the near future... lol!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Marie Therese Necklace

Looking through my drafts and I found this old blog post 
with my first ever 
beading around a cab necklace. 
Thought I would post it today...

  I love Sophia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette
it's such a great source of inspiration with its 
macaron inspired
pastel costume colour scheme 
and of course its fabulous 
location in the palace of Versailles.

I re-watched it and just had to make something afterwards!

So this necklace is a flight of fantasy with the idea being that 
it could be a necklace that Marie could have worn with a 
cameo of her daughter (Marie Therese) attached. 

My very first attempt at beading around a cameo here! 
It's not a 'try it a few times then post it first attempt'.

It's a genuine first try ' I had no idea at all what to do attempt!' 
Which is why there are obvious flaws.

It was a learning project and it shows.
 That's all part of the fun though.

I am super pleased with the top half of the necklace 
and I can cut off 
the cameo dangle if I want to 
and wear the top half alone. 

Seems a shame to cut it up though. 
- I think I will keep it as a learning project. 

Nice to look back on these things :-)  

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My First Fringing On A Beaded Cabochon Necklace

Here is the result of an experiment
 with adding fringing
to my beaded cabochon design. 

I really like the way it looks and the way it
 adds movement.

I make so much jewellery 
but rarely wear it
so with this piece I 
put it straight around my neck 
and wore it for the rest of the day!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Vintage Glamour Puss

A gratuitous couple of pics of Miss Kitty looking cute 
posing with the 1950's vintage necklace 
I bought off eBay 
with the intention of using for parts
 but it is far to beautiful to cut into 
so I will be adding it to my jewellery box instead!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

It's National Beading Week

It's the first ever National Beading Week.
I love that this is not just a day but an ENTIRE WEEK :-) 

Check out the website 
for more information
about all the exciting things going on! 
Woo :-) 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Why Not: Use Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish. 
Great for shiny nails and 
a terrific top coat 
for your manicure.
Makes a great glue for securing crimps 
inside calottes too!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Very Venetian Affair

These pretty heart earrings are made from Murano Glass.   
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous,
what more can I say!! 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Ten Signs Of Jewellery Making Addiction

1. Your favourite sound 
is the thud of a packet of beading supplies hitting the door mat.

2. You no longer buy jewellery to match your outfit, 
you buy a whole new outfit to match the jewellery you've made!

3. You tell little white lies about how much that bead shopping spree
REALLY cost... 

4. You know the Swarovski crystal colour chart practically off by heart... 

5. When you meet someone new the first thing you notice is their jewellery.

6. You can't wait to start your next project before this one is even finished...

7. Sometimes you dream of jewellery designs... 

8. Time just seems to disappear when you are working on your beading...

9. If the phone goes, whilst your beading, it can wait....

10. You need to bead. RIGHT. NOW.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Great Needles For Bead Embroidery

I have found some great needles for bead embroidery work
 from JBS Beads. 
They are really sturdy and make smooth work 
of piercing through  the backings.
Not bending out of shape like other needles I have tried in the past.
I'm not sure what exact brand they are, 
or if they happen to be JBS own brand, but 
whatever they are I am very pleased! 
I highly recommend them. 
They are size 10 .  
The perfect ten!! 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Powder Rose Swarovski Crystal Close Up

These 8mm chatons are from the Swarovski Spring/Summer 2016 launch 
and they really are a beautiful new innovation. 

What makes them special is that they have an opaque coating 
 to the reverse of the stone which gives a lovely subdued 'powder' look to the crystal.
Looking at them 'in the flesh'  I can see that the crystal is clear and the effect comes from the backing.  

I do love these little beauties and am very excited to see that pastel colours 
are going to be in fashion again for next year. 
Bring on those pastel pretties! 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Is Hand Made Jewellery 'Rubbish' By Definition? Have You Experienced Hand Made Hatred?

Handmade jewellery made from beads VS gem jewellery made with precious metals. 
Can a girl like both styles 
or does admiration of one make you unable to appreciate the other?

For me I love all kinds of jewellery.  
Making my own beaded creations gives me an appreciation 
of the time, love, effort, and skill 
that goes into handmade things 
and I often buy other peoples' creations to support artisans
and the handmade movement.  

I am happy to flit between wearing something made from glass beads and something made from precious gemstones. 

Suprisingly, some people are not.

For them handmade jewellery is viewed soley as 'junk' because it does not contain , well, diamonds basically! 
They would never wear jewellery made from beads because it doesn't have enough perceived value or status. They only wear 'REAL' jewellery. 

So we've got the 'happy to wear handmade' on one team and the 'diamonds only darlings' on the other! 

I never realised there could be such a rift between people on this issue. 
We are talking divisive like Marmite level here 
(you either love it or hate it!) 

Has anyone ever been dismissive of your jewellery because it was handmade? 
Have you experienced what I am going to term as 'Hand Made Hatred'?! 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Time To Stitch 7 Blog Hop Reveal - Sexy Siren Killer Mermaid Necklace!

Hi and thanks for stopping by. 

I have been so excited since I first saw the hop advertised on 
Christine and Thereses'  blogs. 
I have done some embroidery before
 but I am  very much learning still.
So I jumped at the chance for an opportunity 
to try and improve my skills.
I think the great thing about hops like this
 is that they provide the perfect motivation
 to learn new skills 
or improve existing ones,
and I am really grateful
 for the opportunity 
to try and 'go larger' with my work. 
I think this is the largest thing I've made to date, or probably ever!! 

So, the name... 
I was trying to decide on a name for this piece without success so in the end I 
decided to just go with 
the working title 

(Do you ever find yourself thinking of a name 
for what you're working on as you go along....) 

'sexy siren killer mermaid necklace!' 

 I saw the cabochon on Etsy 
and just had to buy it along with the skull anchors.
They were a little expensive for what they were 
but I knew I wanted them 
to tie in with her fishy tail 
and the skull she is posing by, 
whilst waiting for
 her next ship load of sailors 
to lure to the crashing rocks no doubt.... 

I think she's the original femme fatale! 

I used a mixture of glass seed beads 
in shimmery sea tones 
contrasted with the 
gunmetal  seed beads
 to give her a harder look. 

She is a  femme fatale after all!

I used labrodorite beads around the cab 
because they are a dirty earthy colur 
which ties in with the skull anchors 
but also 
(and it's a shame this doesn't show up in the pics) 
they shine a lovely 
mystical blue 
when they catch the light 
which ties in with the sea scape theme.

I tried to make it look 'wavy' 
around the cabochon, 
like a puddle of water. 
That was the idea anyway! 

The Swarovski crystal bicones
 are shade  'Black Diamond' 
(very femme fatale) 
and I used blue jade rounds 
to sit on top of the snakey skull anchors. 

The large rounds on the neck strap 
are massive moss agates, 
interspersed with the Swarovski crystals 
and labrodorite. 

Finished with sterling silver findings. 

As you can see  my
 beading buddy
 was keen to 'help' 
the picture taking! 

 to Christine and Therese 
for hosting this fun
blog hop,
 and a little thank 
you from my cat 
for giving her 
something new
 to sit on! 

Looking forward to hopping along the participants list: 

1.       Therese (Host) 
2.       Christine  (Host)
3.       Amy
4.       Lola
5.       Lori F
6.       Kim
7.       Becky Pancake
8.       Karin G.
9.       Debbie (Kepi)
10.   LizE
11.   Maryanne
12.   Paula

13.   Wendy
14.   Janet
15.   Jasvanti
16.   Ginger
17.   Alicia
18.   Bobbie
19.   Shirley
20.   Sarah
21.   Cynthia

22.   Lizzie
23.   Samantha
24.   Sally
25.   Niki
26.   Karen W.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Mademoiselle Peche

A pretty peach cameo cabochon
 freshly made
 into this bead embroidered pendant.  

(Literally freshly made - I just finished it this morning!) 

I used some shell pearls 
along with peach aventurine rounds 
to really give a romantic feel 
to the piece. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Lovers

A simple bead embroidered pendant necklace 
with a romantic resin cabochon.

I loved this cab ever since I saw it on ebay,
 even if it is only plastic! 

I have to say that 
once I made it up into a necklace 
it doesn't look too bad.

I want to change the pearls to real ones 
and then 
I think the piece will have a
 more expensive feel to it.

I didn't think I'd wear this,
 but once I get the pearls changed 
I think I might do :-)