Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Why Not: Make A Surprise Gift For A Friend

Pic from Comments123.com 

I don't really need to expand on this point much do I, 
the title says it all really!
Why not get your bead box out and make 
something special for somebody special 
just because.
It will brighten your day creating it 
and most certainly 
brighten theirs receiving it!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Words To Live Your Life By

' Savour the little things. 
Appreciate what you have. Let go of what you haven't. 
There will always be somebody better off than you are,
and there will always be somebody much worse off than you are.
Count your blessings. Not other peoples.
Don't forget that.
Practice kindness. Even on those who don't deserve it.
Forgive and forget. Or at least let go.
You will find what you look for in life. 
So look for the good things.
They are all around you. Waiting. ' 

Love Lizzie x

- Some cheesey words of wisdom from yours truly there! 

Philosophical selection of beading goodies 
all from Spoilt Rotten Beads. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Nougat Love

Some tasty inspiration sparked the making of this piece. 

A bar of Nougat!

I adore the stuff and the pink and white sides
are to me equally delicious, where as to some 
one colour is tastier than the other.
I don't notice a difference, I just love it all ;-) 
So the pink and white sides of this bead embroidery 
are representative of the two sides of the nougat bar. 

I sourced some lovely 'ingredients' for this necklace. 
Rose quartz cabochons, a mother of pearl heart bead, 
pretty pink and white pearly seed beads,
Swarovski crystals , rose quartz 'saucers',
all topped off with sterling silver findings and clasp.

Mmm. Mmmm. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Give Away Time!

Hello, hello and welcome to the give away draw. 

The time has come and gosh hasn't it just flown by as well.

The Bead Soup Blog party was so much fun.

There's not only the sending and receiving of beads, 

but there's the designing, the making, the photographing, 

the blog visiting, the shameless follow my blog 

for a chance to win giveaways... *ahem*! 

It has been great to participate again this year.

Enough waffling, you are here to see who the winner is right?!

So here we go: 

In lieu of a hat all the names have gone into a pretty 

chocolate box....

A good shake.....

....and we have a winner! 

Congratulations ACBEADS!

Please email me your details 

so I can send your prize out to you.

Thank you to everybody for joining in and playing along :-) 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Three Crosses By Sabine Lippert - Made By Me!

I do love the three crosses pendant pattern

from the book 'Beaded Fantasies'.

It looks so complex but it is so enjoyable to make. 

If you are familiar with Sabine's original pattern

you will notice that I have forgone the loop at the 

bottom of the pendant with the dangles

and kept it just to the main pendant.

I decided to pick my own colours

to use with the pattern. 

I love blue and 

 these Swarovski pearls were classed on the 

web (I buy all my beads online)  

as baby blue but in reality they are more of 

an icy steeley grey blue.  

Would it be insulting to call that a 'dirty' blue? !

Anyhow, I decided to bring out that silvery grey tone 

with the delica seed beads and I'm quite pleased with the result.

I can see myself wearing this quite a lot so I used a sterling silver 

closed jump ring  added a  925 snake chain

and quickly added it to my jewellery box!