Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Nougat Love

Some tasty inspiration sparked the making of this piece. 

A bar of Nougat!

I adore the stuff and the pink and white sides
are to me equally delicious, where as to some 
one colour is tastier than the other.
I don't notice a difference, I just love it all ;-) 
So the pink and white sides of this bead embroidery 
are representative of the two sides of the nougat bar. 

I sourced some lovely 'ingredients' for this necklace. 
Rose quartz cabochons, a mother of pearl heart bead, 
pretty pink and white pearly seed beads,
Swarovski crystals , rose quartz 'saucers',
all topped off with sterling silver findings and clasp.

Mmm. Mmmm. 


  1. Wow ~ this is so romantic and it looks like you are pretty good at the bead embroidery :-) You signed up for our A Time To Stitch Seven Hop, but I do not have an e-mail to reach you at. Please send it to me. Thank you!

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