Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Inspire Me


Cool calm and collected, blue is a beautiful colour.

Think blue skies, sunny days and tranquil waters. 

Blue is a spiritual colour of insight and clarity.

Astrological Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio & Piesces - are said to be attracted to a cool colour palette.

In Greek mythology Zeus, the king of the gods, would make a storm when he was angry and make rain when he was crying .  The connection between sadness and blue of the raindrops may be where the saying someone is 'feeling blue' may originate from.

 With a 'blue' sense of humour blue can even be a little risque! 


Monday, 30 August 2010

Bead Radar - Discount code

Beads Unlimited are giving all customers 20% off their Millefiori glass.
New customers recieve a further 10% off the rest of their order. 

Enter code: BB1009
at the online checkout.

Offer ends 12th September
One offer per customer.


Vintage rose set

Made with love! 

Earrings to match
Freshwater pearls complement 'vintage rose' Swarovski crystals in this lovely matching set.

Made for a birthday present the recipient had no idea at all that I made them, and thought I had bought them from a shop! Which was a great compliment.

Beading Basics - Findings

'Findings' - the term for all the little components that you can use to make your jewellery.

Silver plated Findings 

  If I had to whittle it down to what would be useful and the 'basics' for a starter findings  kit it would be these things:
(As featured in the pic in a clockwise direction)

Extender chain
Beadalon stringing wire 0.20 (comes in many different colours the one in the pic is 'Bright')
Ear wires 
Eye pins -  thin straight metal rod with an open round at the bottom
Head pins -  thin metal rod with a flat bottom
Crimps -  tiny hollow round  metal beads to be crushed onto stringing wire to seal the ends and stop the beads fallling off.   (Pictured next to the heapin)
Jump rings - round metal rings that open up to join things together these are 6mm. 
Round clasp -delicate clasp
Lobster clasp - named as it resembles a lobsters claw!
Callottes - round clam like items with a loop on the top. Used to cover the crimped ends of wire and allow you to attach jumprings then clasp and chain to finish your piece.

There are so many different findings out there that for a new beader it can all become a little confusing!
I would reccomend sticking to one finish i.e silver or gold plate to begin with.

I prefer sterling silver jewellery but to learn with it is far more economical to use plated to start off with and once you know wht you're doing start building up your sterling silver kit.

My silver plated findings starter kit came from Blue Streak Beads and it contains  all the findings in the picture and many more (except for the stringing wire which you will have to buy seperately).

Here's a link to all the findings kits that they do. You will see that some of them do come with stringing wire.

You will also need tools - see my beading basics article on tool kit - and of course the beads! 

There are so may kits out there, many with tools and beads included, choose the set that you like the most!

Have fun shopping!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bead Radar

This unusual 'acorn' bead  from the Autumn Selection at Bijoux Beads
really caught my attention.

With autumn just around the corner this is a stylish seasonal signifier
- but for now I'm clinging onto what's left of the summer!!

Beading Basics - Tool Kit

My much used and loved sparkly tool kit.

Tools are one of  the first things to buy on your beading adventure.
I admit that I did buy these because of the colour of the case, but the tools inside are superb.

I wondered at first quite what I would use tweezers and a scoop for but as you advance through beading projects these items do come in handy.

 The tools that you will need to start out with;

Round nose pliers

Chain nose (sometimes called Snipe nose) pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cuttters

This set, as you can see from the branding on the tools,  comes from Spoilt Rotten Beads and is great value for money at £18.95

The sparkly finish is wonderfully subtle and equally fab!  

Sparkle magpies click on the link below to get yours:

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sweet heart

'Sunset' clear round beads with silver foiled heart focal 

A cute bracelet. There's something about heart shapes and sparkle that makes me think 'bridesmaid'.  This bracelet would make a great accessory for those all important ladies in waiting.

The pair that got away...

Silver foiled lampwork beads

These were made as a Christmas gift for my brothers girlfriend.  I loved them so much she nearly didn't recieve them!!

Love to sparkle

Graduated Swarovski Crystals
A pair of earrings I made as a Christmas prezzie.   The AB coated Swarovski crystals have an amazing shine to them and really catch the light. They have the kind of ''fire'' to them you see in a really well cut diamond, with all the beautiful colours reflecting out of the stone.  So if you don't have the big budget for diamonds, Swarovski crystals are your new best friend!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Kitty takes a nap

My beading buddy taking a nap!

First Post!

Well my  fiance has finally persuaded me/coerced me into making a blog!

I have just started to bead/lose sleep about beading/become totally obsessed with beading!

I have no idea how all this works, so bear with me as I work it all out!