Saturday, 13 June 2015

Is Hand Made Jewellery 'Rubbish' By Definition? Have You Experienced Hand Made Hatred?

Handmade jewellery made from beads VS gem jewellery made with precious metals. 
Can a girl like both styles 
or does admiration of one make you unable to appreciate the other?

For me I love all kinds of jewellery.  
Making my own beaded creations gives me an appreciation 
of the time, love, effort, and skill 
that goes into handmade things 
and I often buy other peoples' creations to support artisans
and the handmade movement.  

I am happy to flit between wearing something made from glass beads and something made from precious gemstones. 

Suprisingly, some people are not.

For them handmade jewellery is viewed soley as 'junk' because it does not contain , well, diamonds basically! 
They would never wear jewellery made from beads because it doesn't have enough perceived value or status. They only wear 'REAL' jewellery. 

So we've got the 'happy to wear handmade' on one team and the 'diamonds only darlings' on the other! 

I never realised there could be such a rift between people on this issue. 
We are talking divisive like Marmite level here 
(you either love it or hate it!) 

Has anyone ever been dismissive of your jewellery because it was handmade? 
Have you experienced what I am going to term as 'Hand Made Hatred'?! 

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