Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Stone For Success, Prosperity, And Abundance - A Good One To Get Into Your Jewellery Designs!

Looking through the crystals and gemstones 
in my bead collection it got me wondering about the 
mythological history and properties of the stones. 
Crystal healers work with a lot of the items in my stash, 
(I should never get ill!), 
and there must be interesting stories about some of these beauties. 

So here is my first blog post about a specific gemstone. 

Starting off with...


It is often called the 'success stone'
as it is said  to be good for 
prosperity and abundance.

It has also been known as 'The Merchant's stone'
good for keeping in the business cash box 
and seeing the profits rolling in! 

It is also a birthstone for November
providing a less expensive
 alternative to the traditional
according to the internet -
 but the last time 
I bought some citrine
it seemed quite
 expensive to me..!

The beautiful sunny hue of Citrine 
just radiates warmth and positive energy.
It is a happy stone which can also bring good luck 
in unexpected ways to the wearer.

All interesting ideas. 
With such a write up 
who could resist getting a 
bit of Citrine
 into their
 jewellery designs!


  1. I love the citrine gemstone.I made the set with them,which I'll show in my blog someday.Those were the oval shapes,something reminding the bigger seeds of rice,with the rusty stains inside,not very regular,but very decorative.I love those ones You show,in briolette shapes. They look so wonderful in that piece 'for luck'. -Greetings-

  2. Nice piece of citrine briolettes. Are those pieces little pale or is it effect of light?

  3. Hi Navneet Gems. Thanks for following my blog. I bought these online (from a UK supplier) and they are a little on the pale side. Some on the strand are darker than others.

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    2. Although you made that nice.