Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How To Read Somebody's Secrets By The Rings They Wear

I bought this beautiful morganite and diamond ring as a gift
and couldn't resist trying it on myself.
As you do! 
It was far too large for me and only fitted my thumb. 
This got me thinking as to why people would wear rings on different fingers 
and led me to an Internet search about palmistry, and
it's fascinating! 
So here in brief, and by no means expert, terms is the summary of what I discovered...

In palmistry the different fingers have different meanings and if a person regularly wears a ring on a certain one this can reveal a lot about them!

Thumb =
 Will power. Putting their whole self forward. 

Index finger =
 It's my way or the highway!  They want more control of a situation.  The finger of telling other people what to do.

Middle finger = 
Family.  Sometimes people wear a ring of family significance on this finger.

Third finger = 
 Appearance is very important to this person.  They may be struggling to form an
identity or very keen to put across a certain look.
On left hand - Love. Finger linked to the heart. Wedding ring etc. 

Little finger =
 This person may not be all they seem.
 The little finger is all about communication and sexuality.  
Lots of actors wear a ring on this finger.  
If your date wears a ring on this finger watch out 
they may well be obsessed with sex, not getting enough or getting too much!!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Why Not: Find Peace Through Craft

Via Pinterest 

Have you ever felt lonely? 
Unsure of the path to take in life? 
Have questions and felt unsure of what to do about things?

In times of stress or  uncertainty it can be helpful
 to turn to something you enjoy doing. 

Craft is a great way to relax and take your mind off things. 

After a stressful day at work it can be a marvellous thing 
to get out the craft supplies and completely 
concentrate on the project in hand. 

Just let your creative inspiration take over 
and turn the uncertainty into something better, something beautiful.

It can be nice to achieve success in a craft project 
whilst the uncertainty of life carries on around you.  

Who knows - as you find your way through a craft project maybe you will eventually find your way through the problem.