Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bead Soup - What I Received

All I can say is WOW! 

My partner, Laney of Izzybeads, is a seriously talented lampworker! 
As you can see from the pics here the finish and detail 
of her work is just fantastic. 

The little characters have such expression to them , such character ! 
I love that she puts such detail into her pieces, just look at the mice 
and their tiny tails - adorable! 

I am super pleased with her generous selection of lampwork goodies. 
The egg ring clasp is the most unusual clasp I've ever seen! 
I like the creativity of it. 

I'm out of my comfort zone here, with so many amazing beads I'm feeling the 
pressure to try and do them justice! 

I am really looking forward to getting started and I can't wait to see what she 
makes with my selection as well. 

Roll on reveal day
- just not too fast because I've got lots to do!! 

Bead Soup - What I Sent

Putting together the bead selection was fun and 
I am really looking forward to seeing what my partner does with them. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Introducing My Bead Soup Blog Party Partner

Introducing my Bead Soup Blog Party partner - Laney of Izzybeads.

We are both Bead Soup Blog Party first timers 
and very excited about it! 

We've exchanged friendly emails and 
our beads have arrived both ends. 
So we're all set to create. 

Our styles are very different so 
It's going to be a challenge for both of us. 
I think that's one of the great things about this blog hop bead exchange -
getting to use components in a different style to those you would normally 
work with. 

I'm thrilled with what Laney has sent to me and am working on getting some
photographs to try and do them justice because they are 
absolutely amazing. Like little works of art! 

Laney is a very talented lampworker who sells her work
at bead shows around the country
and also on Etsy. 

Catch up with her over at 

on Twitter

Or take a peek at her  Etsy shop 

Her beads are really good fun and  designed to make you smile. 

(I am particularly fond of the snail bead with a 'Des-Res' shell!)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Inspire Me: Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.

27mm Swarovski Crown Stone - Fuchsia (Foiled) (No hole)

Swarovski Peardrop Pendant Crystal AB 12mm

Swarovski Crystal Miss U Heart (6262) 26mm

' Diamonds are a girls best friend '

Who can forget the iconic Marilyn Monroe. 
She's the muse for this rather sparkle filled Inspire Me post.
The Huge Fuchsia 27mm rivoli is from Crystals and Ice 
Pear Shape Swarovski pendants available from Bluestreak Beads 

' But square-cut or pear-shaped  these rocks don't lose their shape....' 

Diamante chain and bow clasp from Josy Rose
I have just discovered Josy Rose and am intrigued to have a good 
look around as not only do they sell jewellery making supplies but 
craft and haberdashery goodies as well..... 

The adorable Swarovski heart is from Spoilt Rotten Beads

' The French are glad to die for love.
They delight in fighting duels.
But I prefer a man who lives
And gives expensive jewels. '