Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Eye Won A Giveaway!

Ok, so this is obviously going to be a post full of 'eye' puns. 
I think it is only fair to apologise now! 

I, or should that be 'eye', recently was lucky enough
to win a give away over at Operation Tackle That Bead Stash. 

The generous prize on offer was a set of six stunning 
glass eye cabochons 
from Liz at The Crimson Moon .  
Aren't they fantastic! 

They range from the more naturalistic browny eyes
(styles Rowan and Cosmos) 
 to the out of this 
world 'Plasma' purple.
(Wouldn't it be great to have purple eyes!)

I think the blue (Azure)  is stunning and the slit eye 
reminds me of Lord Of The Rings ,
so I feel a little Frodo and friends inspired project coming on... 

I headed over to The Crimson Moon to take a 
look at what other beading goodies were 
available and I have to say 
Liz has the coolest shop banner,  
to take a peek click  HERE.

I am very excited to be the winner 
and I just hope I can do them justice.. 
...time to get the thinking cap on!