Sunday, 27 July 2014

Heisenberg Necklace

Breaking Bad 
I'm such a fan girl! 

Lots of 'crystal' in this necklace, 
with blue seed beads. 
Blue magic! 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Pink And White Delight

Do I even need to tell you the name of this pattern,
I seem to make it so much at the moment.
Yes, it's ANOTHER Sabine Lippert 
Three Crosses pendant! 
I loved picking out the soft and delicate pink Swarovski pearls 
and crystals combined with the pure white seed beads.
I love choosing my own colours for bead work patterns 
and personalising them.
'Pink and white delight' is my pet name for this little beauty! 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Give Away That Made My Day!

Some of my  faves from the generous gift 
I was very lucky  to win the special 1000th blog post 
over at Crafty Hope's blog. 

It had been one of those days 
when nothing goes right, 
everything that could go wrong did go wrong 
and then some.
 So finding out I had won Hope's 
generous give away
 really made my day end
 on a much nicer note! 

I have to admit that my jaw dropped a little 
when the massive parcel of beading goodies 
landed on my door mat! 

This post has been a while in the making
 because I wanted to photograph as much as possible 
to share a peek at all the lovelies with you. 

Where to start.... 

Instead of doing a massive write up I am going to just let the photos
speak for themselves! 

Strands of pretty beads
Rustic gift tags 

Cute red glass seashells 

Bags upon bags of beads!

Quirky and industrial pieces with some drilled domino beads

A selection of charms and pendants - love the Halloween kitty! 

Sweet double sided pendant

A big bag of buttons 

 I love the red white and blue sailor striped ones

As you can see there is quite the selection here! 

Hope sent this collection from her personal stash 
and I think there is something quite interesting about that.  
To receive a selection from a personal  craft collection
 is quite a privilege, it's like getting a little peek  into their designer soul! 

I am very excited about starting some designs with these goodies. 

My, oh my, what a stash! 

Thank you SO much to Hope for this fab gift 
and if you would like to check out her blog 
You can visit her here at: 

I can see that I am going to be kept busy 
creating from this lovely lot! 

Three Crosses Pendant Sweet Vintage Style

The latest of my  'Three crosses' creations.
Sabine Lippert's pattern in my own 
'vintage' colour way. 
Pretty pastels, perfect to go with my fifties style 
sweet summer dress.