Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Inspire Me: Spring Makeup By Dior

Trianon Collection

The Spring 2014 makeup collection by Dior 
is inspired by Marie Antoinette. 
With sweet pastel shades and cute feminine 
details - love the embossed bows in the eyeshadows-
this collection is seriously calling my name! 

Of course, in true Marie Antoinette style it's never enough to 
just look, we need to buy.
So lets say recession 'what recession' here is a 
selection of beads inspired by Dior's prettiest Spring offering. 
Or should I say 'to go perfectly with Dior's Spring offering'... 


*Resin roses from The Bead Shop Manchester. 
*Artisan flower beads 
hand made by Elise Canning. 
*Silver plated pewter  
bow bead from
 The Venetian bead shop 
*All makeup pics from dior.com

1 comment:

  1. Looks so enticing :-) I've stopped looking at ads for make up because even though I rarely wear it I love to buy new products. Especially the limited edition sets that come in interesting boxes!