Sunday, 12 January 2014

Why Not: List Your Beading Goals

To do list notebook ...
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With the start of 2014 I'm sure a lot of people are making resolutions. 
To achieve certain goals, give up certain vices and generally kick start 2014 
in a healthier way. 
Probably all to be forgotten by about ....mid January....!

So instead, or perhaps as well as , 
how about making a list of craft goals. 

 Beading projects you want to have a go at this year. 

It doesn't have to be a 'do these specific things
 in this numerical order' kind of list
 - this isn't for chores this is just for fun - 
 more of a written acknowledgement that these are the things 
you would like to try and achieve over the coming months.

It could be fun to look back 
at the end of the year and see just how far you've gone, what new skills
you've acquired and what you've achieved. 

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  1. 2014 is definitely a year for de-cluttering, de-stashing and downsizing. I haven't set any fixed goals other than not to make jewellery or clothing I have no use for. It's a tough one, I know since it's so easy to get sidetracked. Sigh!