Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Why Not: Support An Artisan Lampworker

Lampwork beads are made by hand 
by a skilled artisan
melting rods of glass in a flame. 

Tricky work when you think about it!

Especially when you look at how detailed
 and beautiful the beads can be.

Lampwork mouse by Izzy Beads 
It is a craft that requires great skill and attention. 

The results can be phenomenal! 

Blissful Garden Beads (also in top pic ) 

The beads can be more expensive than your average 
mass made glass BUT you are buying real art work, 
something that has
been made with love, care and attention. 
Supporting an artist and allowing that craft to carry on 
through time. 
All that AND you get some wonderful beads to work with. 
What's not to love?! 


  1. I love lampwork beads specially the novelty ones with tiny animals or thematical pieces. I've also had my eye on one of this little dolls for ages: https://www.etsy.com/listing/161097903/woodland-fairy-focal-bead?ref=shop_home_active

  2. How spooky you should mention this...
    I have just recently been looking at Soul Silver too! I like the Lost Girl beads:
    and was thinking of putting one on my Xmas list.
    (I like to start making a list early!!)
    Do you think you would make her into jewellery or just keep it as a cute bead?

    1. tough one :-) I'm am tempted to buy the display stand as well and maybe get a collection going! But the most likely scenario would be a long chain and the doll bead used as a pendant. I would get a custom made one so that she somewhat resembles me :-)

  3. That sounds great. Do show us all the pics if you get a custom one made :-)