Saturday, 14 May 2011

Woodland Butterfly

Do you ever find yourself thinking up a name for a piece of jewellery as you're making it? 

I often find myself working around a theme or idea for a piece.

I know I'm only learning and it might sound a little grand to say I am 'inspired' to make a piece but you know when you see something; whether it be a piece of art, a beautiful colour scheme or even a tasty looking piece of cake  (the best kind of inspiration!), and you use that idea, mood or colour to help choose your beads.

When that happens I find it easier to make something than other days when it seems so hard to put things together. I suppose that must be the beading equivalent of 'writers block'  - 'beading block'? 

When these beads arrived though the post I was initially disappointed 
as the chain links were way too small to fit a jump ring through. 

However I was determined to make something out of this
and discovered that I could just about manoeuvre a head pin through the gap. 
So I pushed the head pins through the chain, threaded on a bead to the other side 
and then wire wrapped loops, attaching the clasp this way. 

Disaster averted and I'm actually quite pleased with the result. 

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