Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Inspire Me - Grey

Yes that's right.
You read it correctly.
Inspire me - with Grey!

Now you may be thinking ' Hold on a minute. 
You want to inspire me to buy beads in the colour of drizzly days
and cold cloudy British afternoons?'
Grey hardly even feels like a proper colour when compared to the rest of the rainbow.

Yes - but lets not be too hasty.

If Grey was a person she'd have lost her colour confidence. 

She'd be the wallflower sat at the back of the colour scheme ball. 
Watching wistfully whilst flashy fuschia and racy red get all the attention from the boys.

She's slinking around in the shadows.  Even Black gets more of the attention by looking moody, sultry and yet fabulous all at the same time.  

Our girl Grey, like so many of us, feels overlooked and undervalued. 

This writing competition is meant to be about our favourite colour, and who on earth else was going to pick Grey - the underdog of the colour palette?

So I've decided to make it my mission to get Greys fashion mojo back on track. 
Lets make her feel pretty again! 

Grey my dear, your fairy godmother is here. 
Lets make a piece of jewellery that will make you feel fabulous.

So lets set to work.

A little intrigue with a dash of exoticism. 
A little femininity with a reserved kind of beauty. 
- Don't want to push Greys boundaries too far in her first style makeover. 
Lets take what she's got and make it work for her.

Grey is such a reserved colour that it brings to my mind the beautiful simplicity of the Japanese Haiku. 
(A short poem of three lines and 5-7-5 syllables, in case you were wondering!)

Check out the details on this gorgeous vintage Japanese photo frame:


 I bought it on-line.  
You want an example of a Haiku? 
Try ' Silly Western girl,
         gets excited on E-bay,
         pays too much money!' 

Good thing that this necklace is going to be not too costly simple and understated then!

So I've gathered my inspiration and with out further a do,
here is the piece of jewellery to make Grey feel special once more...

Grey my dear, you shall go to the ball! 

If you would like to give Grey a makeover
why not check out the selection of beads over at Beads Direct.

Go on, make Grey feel GREAT!


  1. What a lovely uplifting post, a deserved winner, well done!

  2. I came over from FaceBook after hearing you had won the blogging competition. I really enjoyed reading this.

  3. A lovely piece ... you certainly have given Grey a truly wonderful makeover .......

  4. Very well deserved, i love this.

  5. Thank you all for the kind comments :-)