Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How To Spot Fake Swarovski Crystal

Which ones do you think are the Swarovski:
Left or Right? 

There are crystal beads and then there
 are Swarovski crystal beads.
Sometimes unscrupulous sellers will 
label cheap Chinese crystals as Swarovski 
and try to sell them to you at a much higher price. 

So how to tell the difference? 

Here are my tips on spotting the 'fakes' 
from the fabulous: 

Tip 1 - Edges

Chinese crystal - the hole is off centre and jagged.
The sides are not equally cut.

Swarovski crystal - perfect symmetry and perfect hole.
No jagged or uneven edges.

Swarovski crystal is perfect. Precision cut to perfection. Imitation crystal often has one edge longer than the other, a little chip near the hole, the shape of the crystals are not exactly the same, these are all clues as to the quality of the crystal. 

Tip 2 - Colour

Swarovski crystals are made to an exact colour chart with specific names.
 If the colour name of your crystals isn't on the chart check if it's a Swarovski special effect or special stone by doing an Internet search. 
Check the actual colour of the stones is a match with other stones of that name by looking at images of those crystals on the web (if you can't see them 'in the flesh') 
 to get a good idea what the shade should look like.

Tip 3 - Where 

Where are you going to buy it from? 
Reputable retailer with a certificate or dirt cheap on ebay? 
If it's a bargain that seems to good to be true then it probably is! 

Tip 4 - Sparkle. 

Swarovski crystal just has that certain something that makes it shine,
 so much more than other crystal.  
If you compare Swarovski AB to any other crystal AB you'll see what I mean! 

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