Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Why Not: Enjoy The Changing Season


Merlin the Maine Coon by Ryan Conners

Indigo Crossing

Autumn Reflection

autumn wreath w/ pumpkins

love this!

It's October and the leaves are falling into crisp piles 
of Autumnal loveliness. 

Why not enjoy the changing colour scheme in nature 
and let it shape your colour choices 
for your jewellery projects this season. 

Beautiful shades of rich brown, auburn, orange, green 
and red combined with the tactile textures of
soft wool, crispy leaves and lots of layers, 
can create a woody and organic feel. 
Just perfect for Autumn.   

* All pics via Timea Varga's Pinterest board 
' I love Autumn' * 

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  1. that is one crazy stylish cat ;-) Autumn with its luscious colours and textures is always so dreamy looking but I confess I'm a summer person and I just can't get over the fact that days keep getting shorter and temperatures keep dropping :-(
    I do love autumn for its abundance of produce: apples, pumpkins, chestnuts and mushrooms