Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop Reveal

Hello there! 
Welcome to my corner of the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

I love the premise of this hop - to use the beads that you have been 
stashing away. 
So I've used it as an opportunity to use up the bags of freebie beads 
that I've been accumulating over the years. 
You know, the nice little complementary bags that lovely companies sometimes
send out to thank you for your custom. 

Because I didn't chose them I haven't really had a project in mind for them, 
so I am pleased to be able to finally get them out and use them up! 

I've tried to keep my designs to mainly using the freebies without too many 
'extras' from the rest of my stash so here we go: 

First piece:  

I started with the bumpy pink with black and white dots focal bead
and took the design from there.
The neon pink cracked bubble beads made me think
of the neon signs in Japan so I went for a stylised slightly kawaii 
 kitschy pink black and white look.
Do you find yourself thinking up names for your jewellery as 
you are making it? 
I do, and the name I had in mind for this one was
Geisha Rose.
I know it doesn't look especially Geisha like
but that is the name that sprang to mind so I'm going with it!  


Second Piece: 
If the first design was coming from Japan, this piece is straight out
of an English country garden! 

I stitched tiny delicate pink 'leaves' coming off the main 
necklace to complement the green leaf focal from the Jilly Beads 

I was so pleased to use up  the lovely gold plated flower clasp 
which I've had in my stash for

Third Piece: 
I was looking at these two spotty beads for a while thinking 
how I could use them both in a design, when I only had the two 
and they were different shapes.
When it struck me that one on top of the other they made a rather fetching 

- Yes, I can't believe I made a toadstool either! 

Moving swiftly onto piece four: 

The Jilly Beads soup mix combined perfectly with the 
faux amethyst chips freebie from Little Crafty Beaders 
to make this butterfly bracelet. 

And finally we have piece number five, 
my personal favourite, a simple pendant and earrings 

So there's my freebie makes.  
It's quite satisfying to 
take a look at them and think how they were just 
a pile of stashed beads before this blog hop.

Even better to think that I now have seven items of  jewellery  
to wear that were, in the most part, free! 

Thank you to Lori Anderson  for hosting this event 
and giving me the impetus to make use of these 
overlooked lovelies! 

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  1. My favorite is the first necklace you made, love the colors and the style!


  2. I love the pink and black necklace. Very nice use of all those free beads.

  3. Gasp! It's amazing what you have done with "free beads" that didn't have their own place before. I have to say I love the first one with the pop of pink! But they are all so beautiful!

  4. Great use of your hoarded treasures! I love the mushroom.

  5. Each is lovely and unique. Love the toadstool!

  6. Love the colors...and I love what you did with them!

  7. i love how you paired the black and pink together

  8. I love your unique take on the blog theme, Lizzie! Your skills are awesome and you have saved those poor little beads from anonymity!

  9. Beautiful creations. I also feel the need to bead - so I'm now a reader to your blog. Enjoy your Sunday. Ana

  10. Such an awesome idea, to use the freebie bags! I love those when they arrive and when I sell beads try to put some extras in, too.

    You should really be proud of yourself, because you really rocked your goal and made some beautiful things. Thanks for playing!

  11. Companies give out freebie bags?? Okay, I need to do more online shopping!
    Very pretty pieces, I especially like the first two necklaces. I also name my jewelery :)

  12. :) The Toadtool and the hearts are my favs. Love that you used your freebies for the hop!!

  13. I'm impressed that you found such creative ways to use so many of those freebies! Your Geisha Rose is not normally my taste in beads but I found myself drawn to your design with that particular piece. Well done!

  14. Great use of your freebies - I never know what to do with them!

  15. How wonderful! What a clever idea, using up the freebies. You did a fantastic job with everything--I would have never guessed that you didn't buy those beads specifically for those designs! :)

  16. How lovely ! Love that butterfly in particular !

  17. Your certainly received some beautiful "freebies". Love what you did with them all, especially the Geisha necklace.

  18. Love the last set, piece number five also the most, very sweet with the 3 ♥♥♥'s. You made nice summary jewellery :-)

  19. So impressed with your ability to use the freebies to make several beautiful designs. I love the toadstool idea and tat Geisha Rose necklace is so very kawaii!

  20. Lizza your designs are beautiful. I like the pink and black best.

  21. Very very pretty pieces!

  22. Very nice! I love that butterfly!

  23. Lovely pieces and a great way to use up the little packages of freebies!