Saturday, 1 June 2013

History Hop Reveal - Art Nouveau

I am very excited to be joining in with Leah Curtis'
History Hop. 

The idea is participants choose an historical era 
and make a piece of jewellery inspired by that time 
then reveal their creations 
on the same date and 'hop around' to see 
what everybody made.    

I chose Art Nouveau for my historical era. 

So what is Art Nouveau? 

Literally French for 'new art' it is , roughly speaking, 
 the creative artwork from the 
early 1890's up until the first world war. 

 Heavily influenced by nature the Art Nouveau style showcases 
lots of curves and flowing lines, flowers, plants and pretty women
with long flowing hair. 
Beautiful natural subject matter. 

' Its influence can be found in painting, sculpture, jewellery, metalwork, glass and ceramics. 
The drawings of Aubrey Beardsley, the architecture of Victor Horta and Paul Hankar and the poster designs of Alphonse Mucha are some of the most familiar examples of the Art Nouveau Style.' 
- Quote from the Victoria and Albert Museum website. 
I have to admit that when I think 'Art Nouveau'
 the very first thing that springs to mind is the art work by Mucha. 

File:Alphonse Mucha - Job Cigarettes 1.jpg
Mucha art work advertising Job cigarettes.
-When did smoking look this beautiful! 

So for my design I choose a porcelain cabochon
 featuring his art work as my focal. I beaded a flower design 
above the cabochon to keep in with the era's theme of nature. 

A quick Google search of the jewellery from that period 
showed me that it was mainly precious metal work and 
enamelling that were popular, but I wanted to make a beaded piece. 

So my inspiration, as you can see, 
is taken from the aesthetics of the era
 rather than the materials!

I'm pretty new to this bead embroidery thing 
but I really enjoyed making it. 

Thank you to Leah Curtis for the inspiration and 
for organising this fun blog hop :-) 

Participants list 

Leah Curtis - Indus Valley -
Laney Mead - Māori -
Becca - Art Nouveau -
Melissa - English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry -
Tracy Stillman - Native American -
Gerda - English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry -
Liz E - Native North American -
Ahowin - Māori (New Zealand)  - 
Jasvanti - Indus Valley -
 Lizzie - Art Nouveau - 

Julia Hay - Merovingian -

Dini - Celtic -
Caroline - Art Nouveau - 
Charlie - Moche of Peru - 
Karin - China -
Niky Sayers - Rome - 
Marcia Dunne - Celctic and Mourning Jewelry -
anafiassa - Mesopotamia -
Kokopelli - Native American -
Christa - Native American -
Clair - Roman -
Susan Bowie - Native American -
Gloria Allen - English Romanticism -
Sheila Garrett - Early Russia -  


  1. Beautiful necklace, I love your choice of colour and design.

  2. That is beautiful. I love Mucha's work, he also designed some jewellery pieces, as did many artists of the day. I have yet to blog my piece, that's my next job this afternoon!! Love that cab. Laney x

  3. Beautiful Cab, and I love the way you have presented it.

  4. Beautiful work - it really represents the era well. It's exactly what I would think of when looking for something Art Nouveau.

  5. Gorgeous design! I love that cab... you've shown it off beautifully!

  6. Lovely. You had a gorgeous cab and made it even better with your seed bead work. Art Nouveau is such a beautiful style and you captured it perfectly.

  7. This is lovely! I am very fond of the Art Nouveau style, and I think you did a fantastic job capturing that!

  8. I like your bead embroidery very much!!
    That is very time consuming.

  9. Fantastic! I think it captures the theme perfectly. I love your bead embroidery, the bold colours, and that divine lady! Thank you so much for joining in the hop.

  10. Gorgeous pendant and so true to the Art Nouveau period. Excellent work. Have a nice weekend. Ana

  11. What a lovely pendant, and it really captures the Art Nouveau aesthetic!

  12. I absolutely adore Art Nouveau artwork (and almost chose to use as it the influence for my own piece) and I can easily see it's influences in your wonderful, wonderful piece.

    The art cabochon and the colours you've used also make me think of Frida Kahlo. It's a stunner!

  13. Very nice, you captured the era really well.

  14. Great work, this IS Art Nouveau for me. ♥♥♥

  15. That's beyond beautiful! Love it!

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