Friday, 1 March 2013

Why Not Treat Yourself

I think every beader has a certain special item in the back of their mind.

That pretty little something that doesn't necessarily fit with your 
current design plans or even with anything else in your bead stash
but it jumps out at you and it catches your eye. 

You don't purchase it then and there, maybe it's a little expensive
 for something 
you don't know what to do with,
 or  maybe you just can't face splashing out on even more beads
 but it nestles itself 
into a little corner your mind and
 a little piece of your heart. 

It could be days or weeks, 
months or even years 
that you've had it quietly resting in the back of your mind. 

Why not buy that item - set it free! 

After all you know you really want it! 

I don't know if it's lust or love but I've been hankering after
a Baroque Swarovski Pendant for ages now. 
So here it is, now is the time!!  


  1. Hello there,am catching up on some sites i enjoy,your pendant is so pretty luv it,like everything else you have on your blog as well..

  2. That's a beautiful SC aka Swarovski Crystal. I only use SC's for my jewelry as well. I love your blog, you have so much to offer, you should do some video tutorials!! LOVE Y'r blog!

  3. Thank you ladies :-)

    Glitzzynews - There's something so nice about catching up on your favourite blogs isn't there.

    Dana - There's nothing quite like Swarovski Crystal! The cheap imitations just don't compare!

  4. Hiya, I have just nominated you for a Lieber Award, check out my blog for more details. Laney x