Friday, 9 November 2012

First Beading In A long Time

I am absolutely thrilled to have been able to do a little 

First time in quite a long time, since the accident,
 and I have really 
missed being creative.

I owe MANY thanks 
to my wonderful fiance 
and mother 
who have helped me in so many ways 
through out this. 
Doing my typing on the blog,
helping me get dressed etc. etc. 
There is still a way to go 
but lets hope it all continues well. 

So, anyway, back to the beading! 

I thought I remembered how to bead around a Rivoli, 
but I really didn't  - it has been so long.

So as you can see the beading around the stone 
is far from perfect  (!)
but after so long of not being able to make anything 
 I was just so determined 
to finish and make something that I continued rather than 
starting over.

I'm pleased with the over all design and I think I will 
redo it at some point in the future. 

Miss Kitty was surprised to see me making something 
and decided to lend some feline 'assistance', as you can see!

I think she quite enjoyed 'incubating' the tiny seed beads. 

Awwh pets, where would we be without them ;-)  

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