Thursday, 23 August 2012

Stormy Skies

Made pre accident, this was my second project  beading around a rivoli.

 This ones Heliotrope and isn't it just a gorgeous Swarovski lovely wiith all that deep moody blue and the violet sparkling out of the centre.  

 I decided to use gunmetal seed beads because black might look too harsh
and I'm glad I made that decision.  

 Somehow the second design didn't go quite as well as 
I just kept going despite the flaws and she doesn't look too bad for her sins.  

(Don't you find that some of the jewellery you make just has to be a 'she' rather than an 'it'!) 

The gunmetal colour reminded me of stormy weather so I added some bicones dangling  underneath to represent some 'rain drops'! 

So here 'she' is, please give a warm welcome to 'Stormy Skies'... ! 

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