Friday, 21 October 2011

Inspire Me - Alien

This 'Inspire Me' post is taking a little bit of a dark turn. 

With Halloween approaching fast 
I wanted to use something scary to inspire this bead selection. 

The shops are full of the usual pumpkins, ghoules and ghosts 
but my mind was drawn back to something that really scared me.

The 1979 film Alien. 

Now that really is the stuff of nigthmares, 
as I am sure those of you that have watched this film will agree!

Here is my selection of Alien inspired beads:

Magical Hematite Rondel Bead String

Volcanic Lava Rondel Beads - Unusual !

Hematite Chip Strand - 34 Inch Strand

Lava and Hematite rondels available from Mr Bead.
Hematite chip strand from Spoilt Rotten Beads.

And of course no project inspired by the film Alien
would be complete without Jones the cat!

From The Great Big Bead Shop
Jones?, ...Jones?.......Jonesey?...........

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