Saturday, 18 June 2011

Indian Influences

I've been looking at lots of  Indian websites recently and admiring the fantastic jewellery. 
I love the idea of wearing lots of bangles, and lots of jewels come to that matter! 

I might not be in the position to be splashing out on rubies and gemstones at the moment, 
but I figured I could make something inspired by that idea! 

So out came my tube of Beads Direct Autumn bead mix full of golds, ruby reds
and champagne coloured beads - just perfect for the glamorous project I had in mind.  

I finished the three strand bracelet with antique brass tone findings and a  rustic brown 
glass heart flecked with speckles of gold.

My cat had a great time playing with not one strand of beading wire but THREE 
whilst I was making it.

Cat heaven!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any pics of her cute antics as I was desperately trying to stop all the tiny beads from flying off all over the place! 

I'd like to say a quick hello to Danielle. Thanks for following my blog.  
- I couldn't see a link over to yours other wise I would have come over for a visit.
It's always great to connect with a fellow bead addict. 
For one thing it makes you feel so much less guilty about flexing the plastic to buy even MORE beads!!

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