Monday, 15 November 2010

My Beading Diary

Check out these gorgeous beads and Swarovski crystals!    
All lined up and ready to be used on a Christmas present project. 
It's going to be my first attempt at making a piece from a magazine. 
The project uses double St. Petersburg chain and a round circular peyote fringed clasp.
Now I know how to do the single St.Petersburg chain but the double version and the fringed clasp are totally new to me!  

Click over the break to see the extent of the challenge!! 


Don't you just love lining up all the things you're going to use in a project! 

Why didn't anybody tell me size 15's were so tiny! 

Oh my goodness size 15 seed beads are soooo tiny!  It's one thing doing St.Petersburg in size 8's but size 15's you really have to concentrate with! 

To show you the extent of my horror: 

Oh the horror..... 

The thread is about 4meters long! 
You can't add more thread as you go on because the knot would be too big to fit through such small beads! 

So I'm working with beads a millimeter wide, thread that is four meters long........

I am starting to think that learning new things in size 15's is a distinctly bad idea!! 

This will be a Christmas present, just for Christmas 2011 - probably! 

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  1. Oh you are very brave :-) look forward to seeing the progress.