Thursday, 28 October 2010

Murano Mothers Day Bracelet

This post is a bit of a family collaboration.

I made the bracelet, 
Mum wears it,
and  Dad photographed it.
(With Mum styling the shots - obviously!) 

I used a Murano glass heart that has blues, purples and silvers all mottled through it in layers which give a lovely depth of colour. 
Here's a close up of the heart so you can see just how yummy it is....

Murano glass at its finest!
Pretty nice hey!

I loved all the pics that my Dad sent over and I really couldn't chose which one to use so here they all are: 

A big *thank you* to my lovely long-suffering parents! :-) 

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  1. Hi,stopping by to thank you for your lovely comment on mine and becoming a follwer.
    Wow this is truly gorgeous your mum is a lucky lady indeed!!
    Look forward to stopping by again soon.