Sunday, 5 September 2010

Beading Basics

20 gauge (0.8mm)  and 26 gauge (0.4mm)  wire  
Metal Wire

Gold plated, sterling silver, silver plated, copper, coloured - the list of the types of wire available is long!

Different thickness of wire is good for different things.

A 20 gauge wire (0.8mm diameter) is a thicker wire and is good for making findings, spirals, and ornamental designs.

The higher the gauge number the thinner the wire becomes.

A 26 gauge wire (0.4mm diameter) is a thinner wire and good for twisting and tiara making.

I suggest these two gauges as a starting point.

Wire is sold in 'spools'.  What a  great word 'spool'!

Follow this link to see the different gauges available at Beads Unlimited:

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